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Jung on the Value of Developing some "Imagination for Evil"

05 Jul 2017 10:48 PM | Bonnie Bright (Administrator)

“Since it is universally believed that man is merely what his consciousness knows of itself, he regards himself as harmless and so adds stupidity to iniquity. He does not deny that terrible things have happened and still go on happening, but it is always ‘the others’ who do them. Even if, juristically speaking, we were not accessories to the crime, we are always, thanks to our human nature, potential criminals.

None of us stands outside of humanity’s collective shadow. Whether the crime occurred many generations back or happens today, it remains the symptom of a disposition that is always and everywhere present and one would therefore do well to possess some ‘imagination for evil,’ for only the fool can permanently disregard the conditions of his own nature. In fact, negligence is the best means of making him an instrument of evil.”

– C.G. Jung, Collected Works Vol. 20, para. 572

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